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WoW Moviewatch: The Captured Exarch

Moo Money

I'm a firm believer that artists need encouragement, or they won't know what they did right or wrong. They won't be able to improve their work and, with nothing but silence or discouragement, they might not make another video. It would be hard to find production-quality WoW machinimas with storylines, or special effects, every day of the year. Those are just the special gems.

With that said, Geis Archrion, creator of The Captured Exarch, works on improving his craft with each video. The machinima focuses on the suicide of a man, who leaves behind a mysterious note. Athanatoi, a scouting mercenary guild, must decipher it in order to figure out the next target of The Essence.

There's plenty of action, and just enough of a cliffhanger to make me want to see what he does with his next video. While the camera work is shaky and the voice acting is rough, it's not that bad.


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