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Zero Punctuation not bewitched by The Witcher

Ross Miller

In the latest installment of Zero Punctuation, Yahtzee (or rather Retard McSpacky Pants) has set his foul-mouthed sights on The Witcher, a computer RPG in the truest of forms (i.e. a really big manual and familiar medieval fantasy setting) also dubbed a "MUMORPUGER."

If you're wondering what a MUMORPUGER is, McSpacky Pants defines it as follows: "One click combat, endless drudging from place to place, quests involving killing X amount of monster Y for lazy stationary ... NPC 'Z.'" The NSFW video is embedded after the break. Stay tuned for after the credits roll for an adjustment of sorts to the Painkiller intro cinematic.

[Thanks to everyone who sent this in!]

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