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Far Cry 2 teaser debuts Dunia Engine


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Much like Crytek began Crysis marketing with sweeping views of a tropical island jungle powered by CryENGINE2, Ubisoft has used this Far Cry 2 teaser to throw a coming out party for its "Dunia" game engine. We see romanticized views of anywhere Africa through a hazy film filter with little indication of actual gameplay, save for the obvious metaphor of brushfire – oh yes, there will be blood.

Once you're done gazing at the virtual safari, considering checking out MTV's chat with Far Cry 2 creative director Clint Hocking for some real insight into the FPS-cum-male weepy. "Yes, it's a shooter where you run around and machine-gun a bunch of people. But there are real characters in here who I hope you're going to develop a real relationship with," hopes Hocking.

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