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Konami (once again) confirms there will be no MGS4 demo

Colin Torretta

When it comes to Metal Gear Solid 4, there are two rumors that will just not die. First up, of course, is the zombie-rumor that the game is going over to the Xbox 360. Second only to that though, is the often denied rumor that there will be a MGS4 demo coming out prior to the game's release. Now, Konami has gone on the record a number of times to say that it is not happening, but yet still fans hold out hope.

Unfortunately, PSX Extreme reports that once again Ryan Payton has denied the reports of an upcoming PSN demo in his regular Kojima Production Report podcast. While it's annoying we won't be able to get a taste of MGS4 until this Summer, it's important to remember that demos aren't always a good way to really sample a game (think about Heavenly Sword's demo). Instead take solace in the fact that all the development cycles that are involved in making a demo are instead focused towards making MGS4 one of the top exclusive PS3 games of 2008.

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