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Orange Island's Geekend! in SL


On January 25-26, Orange Island (previously covered here, here, and here) will host a series of lectures, discussions, and workshops on tech and development oriented topics.
Lectures and discussions will take place from 10am - 3pm on Friday January 25, and workshops and classes will be held from 10am - 3pm on Saturday, January 26.

Among the notable figures to attend will be Amazon's Jeff Barr, who will discuss Amazon's Web Services and its application within virtual worlds;
John Plevyak, Ph.D of MDC Metaversatility, who will examine the future of virtual worlds and scalability; and members of the Electric Sheep Company's game development team, who will talk about the challenges of designing games for corporate clients.

For more information, check out the Orange Island blog and calendar here.
Space for some sessions may be limited, so contact Jade Lily in-world for availability.

[Thanks, Jade!]

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