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Wii, Smash Bros. demo kiosks to hit Japan

Kyle Orland

Remember way back when Wal-mart was concerned about playable Wii kiosks causing kids to break their arms or knock over expensive electronics (or both)? Apparently Japanese retailers never got over these fears, because up to this point there hasn't been an official, playable Nintendo kiosk to be found in the country. This is about to change, though, as IGN reports that 30 shops nationwide will roll out Smash Bros. Brawl-infused kiosks on Jan. 26, three days before the game's Japanese release.

Despite having about a bazillion control schemes, Smash Bros. is notable for not requiring the Wii's trademark waggle in any way shape or form, presumably making it safe for Japanese in-store play. Whether the kiosks will last past the relatively sedentary game (and whether the Smash Bros. demo will come to U.S. Wii kiosks) is still unknown.

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