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Wii Warm Up: No More Copies


Like many game nerds, this blogger did the unthinkable and left the house today, in search of the newly-released No More Heroes. And after warnings from friends and fellow bloggers that supplies were slim, I lamented my decision to work at my job before trying to secure a copy of the game. After three stores, I was finally rewarded with an opportunity to wait in line and pay fifty bucks. It looks like GameStops got only enough copies to cover preorders, which makes us think that Ubisoft lacked confidence in the game's sales potential.

If you went out for No More Heroes yesterday without a preorder (or even with one!), did you succeed in acquiring the game? Were there other purchasers in line ahead of you? Which stores did you try, and how many did it take? I want to look at my own little adventure in a positive light, as an indication that the game's selling.


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