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Don't hold your breath for OLED key alternative: United Keys guy has a history


It all looks innocent and feasible on the surface, but behind the scenes we have no idea how realistic this gaming keyboard from United Keys is ever going to get. Sure, word of a manufacturing deal with FoxConn is good news, but it turns out a key employee has a bit of a history with false product launches. The man is Valdi Ivancic, of Medison fame -- that $150 laptop that never was. Valdi spent seven months with United Keys in 2005, and then went on to purportedly found his own company named "Swedish Keys." What's unclear is the relationship between the two companies, but we're not going to get our hopes up for much product from either until it shows up on store shelves. Oh, we almost forgot: Valdi's last big move was considering his candidacy for Prime Minister of Sweden. Yeah, really reassuring.

[Thanks, Michael N.]

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