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Folklore fan talks about his downloadable creation, Quasarilli

Nick Doerr

Downloadable content for games released a few months ago is cool. Folklore has taken this idea and sprinted through a marathon -- it's had so much extra stuff available since the game launched! This is something much cooler though. Imagine designing your own monster and having it featured in the game as a free download. Yep, it's like the old Mega Man days where you designed the bosses and the developers mostly ignored you, except the opposite. The PlayStation Blog interviewed the person who created Folklore's newest folk named Quasarilli -- here's what "Uridicy" said about the situation.

"Art and games have always been a hobby of mine and as an aspiring game artist it is very exciting for me to see a professional 3D model of my creature Quasarilli." Uridicy goes on to express gratitude about and how the design was originally thought up. "I tried to incorporate some tribal elements with the mask like face, feathers, and horns." As for the skill set, Uridicy decided that stealing items would prove a useful skill for the game. This is true, since the game does require you to get a ton of items to level your other critters. We're glad stuff like this exists. It really brings gaming to a different level and will welcome with open arms any other similar contests in the future.

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