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Friday deal: Half price 360 controllers


So, do you find yourself with an Xbox 360 and only one controller? We don't blame you. Those things are expensive, and for only $10 more you could buy a brand new game. That said, you'll need more controllers to enjoy some vibratory goodness while playing Rez HD next week. So, what's an enterprising gamer to do? Why not pick up a 360 wireless controller for only $24.99? The folks at are offering them for just that price today only, so if you want one, you'd best jump on it now. Now, before you go plopping down your hard-earned money, you should know that these are open box controllers and not necessarily in new condition. They do come with a 30-day warranty though, which is on par with what you'll see from many used game stores. Still, buy at your own risk, and please, share your opinions of if you've shopped with them before.

[Via Paranoised]

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