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Motorola W755 and a pair of Nokias come to light for Verizon

Chris Ziegler

It's no secret that Nokia's looking to make a bigger splash in the US market than it has the past few years -- and we also know that a CDMA and EV-DO-equipped Nokia passed the FCC not long ago -- so it comes as only a mild surprise to see a pair of 'em in the wild flush with Verizon branding. The 2605 and 7205 (pictured) are two flips that seem to turn up the style dial just a tad from typical Nokia fare, and frankly, that's just fine by us. The low-end 2605 lacks EV-DO and features only a VGA cam, while the 7205 kicks it up a notch with EV-DO, a 2 megapixel camera, and an ultra-slim (dare we say V9m-like) body. Verizon faithful might be disheartened to learn that both phones are thoroughly done over with Verizon's typical theme, so we're really not sure how much Nokia DNA is going to be left by the time these things get to market. Also found in the wild is the Verizon-branded Motorola W755, a KRZR-esque piece with a 1.3 megapixel cam and touch-sensitive external controls. No word yet on when we might see this trio on shelves.

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