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Gamers wage war on Mass Effect basher's book, garner apology [update]

Anyone who has stared into the pitch-black eye of madness known as the Fox News Network's "coverage" of Mass Effect and its "Luke Skywalker meets 'Debbie Does Dallas'" gameplay, is probably now familiar with psychology specialist Cooper Lawrence, who laughingly admitted on the show that she had never played Mass Effect, but still assured the program's viewers of the game's vicious, child corrupting qualities.

We imagine the chuckles came to an abrupt end when Lawrence checked the Amazon ratings of her newest book, "The Cult of Perfection: Making Peace With Your Inner Overachiever," whose middling review had been torn asunder by incensed gamers -- many of whom took the time to mention that they had never actually read the book, but hated it anyways. Amazon recently took down these negative reviews -- a shame, as we're sure they'd provide more entertainment than the actual book ever could.

Lawrence has since apologized in a New York Times article, claiming she was misinformed about the game, and that she's "seen episodes of 'Lost' that are more sexually explicit." Nice work, Lawrence. You might have settled things with the gaming community, but now you've pissed off the DHARMA Initiative, who are capable of doing much more than just downvoting self-help literature.

Update: X-Play's Adam Sessler recently spoke his mind about the "Mass Stupidity" debacle -- his video comments can be viewed (and enjoyed) after the jump.

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