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Get your Mojo workin'! [UPDATED]


Are you one of those folks who just absolutely can't live without the cute and cuddly non-combat pets? Well, this morning has turned up news of a surprising new non-combat pet, but we're not convinced that "cute" fits here. The pet is Mojo, the frog long claimed to be obtainable in Zul'Aman via the Amani Hex-sticks. While we're not entirely sure if it was intended or not, it would appear that Mojo is currently available by going to the small camp just outside and slightly to the south of Zul'Aman. I have tested this quest and was actually able to get Mojo on my level 70 Rogue as well as my level 27 Hunter, so one would think that it is likely attainable on most characters.

Of course, the down-side of this particular variant of Mojo is that he doesn't seem to be quite right. Well, that is to say, his texture map looks very low-res/unfinished compared to other frogs in game, and his in-game icon is a grey doll with a blue nimbus around him as opposed to being a frog. However, should you want a Mojo of your own, check out the how-to after the jump!

[UPDATED] - It would appear that this is no longer working and was, in fact, a bug that was hot-fixed today. Blizzard has not issued a statement as yet about whether or not the NPC-given Mojos will remain. If they do say one way or the other, we'll let you know.

  • Fly, ride, or run to Hatchet Hills, the NPC camp just outside of Zul'Aman. (Note: Don't try getting into this location from Zeb'Nowa to the west -- you must come across the water from the east near Zul'Aman.)
  • Once you are in camp, head to approximately 70,68. A troll named "Prigmon" should be nearby working.
  • Target Prigmon and type /kiss
  • Profit!
As this may be an undocumented feature (bug), I'd recommend getting there quickly if you want a Mojo of your very own! Now if you'll pardon me, I have 5 other characters to get a little Mojo for.

[Edited to add] Also, if you blow a kiss at wee little Mojo, he will turn you into a frog, and then "fall in love" with you, whispering things like "I thought you'd never ask!" or "Your lily pad or mine?" Very cute!

[Thanks, Angelus!]

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