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Jack Thompson rears head in response to GTA IV release date

It's been a while since we've heard anything from the infamous anti-gaming crusader, Miami attorney Jack Thompson -- then again, being faced with the possibility of being disbarred in your home state is enough to really tie a guy up. However, with last week's announcement of a late-April release date for Grand Theft Auto IV came Thompson's mandatory adverse response to the series, and negativity towards Take Two, the game's distributor.

Contained within an email from Thompson were promises to keep this "murder simulator for violence against women, cops, and innocent bystanders" out of the hands of children by contacting "state and federal officials" to warn of the game's immediate danger. Though no immediate threats were made towards Take Two or Rockstar Games, we're sure the fireworks will really start going off by the time GTA IV drops April 29 -- which just happens to be around the same time the outcome of Thompson's Florida Bar trial will be decided.

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