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NTIA chief reaffirms that DTV converter boxes will be on shelves next month

Darren Murph

Unhealthily anxious to wrap your hands around a shiny new DTV converter box for that aging analog set in your guest room? According to acting National Telecommunications and Information Administration chief Meredith Baker, she's still confident that they'll be ready for purchase by February 18, 2008 -- a full year before all US broadcast stations are required to make the jump to digital. Reportedly, she also suggested that the FCC wouldn't need to require cable operators to air public service announcements about the upcoming change, as she felt that "voluntary industry efforts remained the best way to get the message across." Apparently, there are already plans in place to dedicate certain weeks throughout the year to drawing attention to the switchover process, with one of the final ones being codenamed "Life Without Television." Yeah, that should certainly wake up the procrastinators.

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