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Telefonica announcing 3G iPhone, or 2G iPhone for Latin America, or nothing at MWC

Chris Ziegler

We're all but certain that Apple wouldn't let a carrier run the show when the time comes to introduce the 3G iPhone to the world, but hey, we guess it could happen. After all, next month's Mobile World Congress in Barcelona is pretty much the 800-pound gorilla of mobile trade shows, and we can't imagine Apple waiting until next Macworld to get it out the door. Two standing rumors tell slightly different stories about what exactly Telefonica plans on announcing at MWC: the first has Telefonica showing off the 3G iPhone and announcing that it'll exclusively carry it in Spain starting in July. The second, moderately more believable rumor says that Telefonica's Movistar unit will offer the plain ol' 2G iPhone in Spain almost immediately following a MWC announcement, with Latin American availability starting in May and phasing in over several months. Then again, Telefonica could announce that we're all idiots for believing any of this drivel, or they could just sit silently to themselves and announce absolutely nothing at all. We'll find out in a couple weeks.

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