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Another Nunchuk detangler on the way from Nyko


Nyko earned great acclaim at CES for their Wireless Nunchuck peripheral, which is like the Nunchuk, only wireless. A new GameStop product listing has shown up, indicating that Nyko already plans to expand their Nunchuk-emancipation product line, with a new item that will release two months before the Wireless Nunchuck.

There are no pictures, but the description of the "Wii Cord-Free Wireless Adaptor" states that the item "converts your wired Nunchuk attachment into a wireless peripheral" powered by two AAA batteries. The battery case is integrated into a "self-standing sleeve" that also tucks the Nunchuk's cord away. It sounds pretty bulky, but if the Wireless Nunchuck is any indication, they seem to know what they're doing -- with Nunchuks, anyway. The Cord-Free Wireless Adaptor is currently listed for a February 20 release, for $20.

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