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'Guitar Hero: On Tour' trademarked, possible name for DS version

Kyle Orland

The trademark hunters over at Trademork have latched on to a Jan. 19 trademark filing by Activision for the words "Guitar Hero On Tour." "Big deal," you might well say. "That trademark could be for anything. A national promotional tour ... a Guitar Hero themed safari adventure ... a new show on the Travel Channel ... anything!" That's a good point, but when you put the trademark together with a post (picked up by GoNintendo) that lists Guitar Hero: On Tour as the name for the previously confirmed DS version of the game, then things get interesting.

Of course, knowing the probable name of the upcoming DS game doesn't really tell us much about how Activision is planning to squeeze Guitar Hero's larger-than-life gameplay onto the DS' small screens. Still, this information could be useful for impressing friends. Try this: The next time Guitar Hero comes up in conversation, casually mention that you "can't wait for Guitar Hero: On Tour" and watch your buddy's face sink in awe of your amazingly wide gaming knowledge. You can thank us later. We accept checks and money orders.

[Via CVG]

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