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Halo 3 for $38 and free gift card w/DMC4 pre-order

Dustin Burg

If you're currently in the market for a fresh copy of Halo 3 then you're in luck, because this week Best Buy is offering Master Chief for the cheap. Through Sunday, they're selling standard edition copies of Halo 3 for the gotta have it price of $38. We are also hearing that some Best Buy stores are super clearancing out leftover Legendary Edition copies for as low as $79, but your mileage will vary on that. This week we also spotted a solid pre-order deal over at Circuit City where you can score a free $10 gift card when you pre-order either Devil May Cry 4 or Turok. Finally, on the hardware side of things, Circuit City has taken $10 off their entire lineup of 360 wireless controllers (including pink and black) and our friends at Best Buy Canada are offering an Xbox 360 Pro bundle (which comes bundled with GRAW2 and RSV) for $399.

That's about it for crazy exciting deals this week. Remember to spend wisely and make sure there's food in the pantry before spending this week's entire paycheck on video game goods.

[Thanks, Trekster_Gamer]

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