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Happy Birthday, Vanguard

Michael Zenke

Well wishes are in order for the newest addition to Sony Online's family of Massive games. Vanguard turns one year old on January 30th, and the dev team is celebrating with in-game goodies for the players. Essentially, every character will be able to choose their one-year anniversary gift by deciding which of the game's three 'spheres' they want to explore.

Adventurers will want to grab Avarem's Messenger Bag, which is not only a handy backpack but increases the running speed of the user. Diplomats will grab for Jansan's Valise of Ages, a satchel that increases their Presence in the diplomacy mini-game. Crafters, finally, will go for Silius' Enchanted Utility Pouch. Another container, this will increase the base crafting attributes for those who carry it.

Veteran Vanguard players can expect to see titles entering the game soon, allowing folks who have stuck it out the entire time to show their Telon pride. The developers plan for there to be cake available in-world on the day itself, as yet another thank-you to the tried and true adventurers sticking it out in the little game that could.

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