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KoldCast TV readies for launch, promises HD content over the internet

Darren Murph

Ever since we pondered on whether HDTV would elevate the standard for PC content a few months back, we've been thoroughly pleased to see a few outfits emerging and at least attempting to bring online HD streaming to the forefront. Granted, the outlet as a whole has quite aways to go, but it seems that KoldCast TV is hoping to really give high-def junkies a reason to hop online. The site, which is slated to go live next week, will offer up a variety of original short programs aimed at 18 to 25 year-olds, and will include everything from comedy to sports on its 40 channels. Regretfully, we've no clue exactly what resolution(s) will be offered, but it's probably worth bookmarking and hitting up next week just to check out the quality.

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