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More fun and games in Kara


Something about Karazhan seems designed for player-created minigames. First, we had Soul Society's game of musical chairs in Moroes' room. Then my guild started betting on who Little Red Riding Hood would be in the opera. Now, a dwarf priest has come up with a new way to pass the time in Kara: BINGO!

Sadly, I've seen most of these -- especially "Screw it, let's eight-man this" and "A brb with zero explanation takes 30+ minutes." Then again, I raid with a lot of stoners. I've also committed some faux pas myself -- particularly breaking shackles and running in the wrong entrance and requiring summons.

Do you think your raid could win a game of Kara bingo? What mistakes do you see people making over and over again in instances?

Thanks to Emily for the tip!

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