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Video: Perfect Dark Zero on the black box

Dustin Burg

It is no secret that post Microsoft buyout, Rare planned on releasing Perfect Dark Zero to the big, black, original Xbox. But then another console came down the development pipeline, the Xbox 360 was announced, Microsoft needed launch titles and so Rare had to move PDZ's development from the Xbox to the 360. The final product ended up just dandy fine (except for some interesting physics issues), but we always wondered what Joanna Dark would have looked like on the Xbox. Well, our insistent wondering is no more as some of the early tech demo footage of PDZ running on the original Xbox has surfaced.

Watch the pretty Xbox particle effects glisten in the video after the break and admire the crazy amazing polygon count in the video above. True, PDZ may have ended up looking much, much prettier on the 360, but we can't deny the fact that it didn't look all that bad back on the Xbox. Especially those sparks. Original Xbox PDZ spark effects FTW!

[Thanks, Nick B]

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