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Cinemassively: Second Skin Trailer

Moo Money

Here at Massively, we've been anxiously awaiting for Second Skin. One of my personal friends, Nexeus Fatale, was a subject in this documentary about MMOs and I've been hearing about it for at least a year. The wait finally appears to be over as they are hoping to premiere it at SXSW in March. However, Pure West released a trailer today to whet our appetite!

The trailer itself mainly focuses on World of Warcraft players as they fall in love, develop gaming addictions, and as they work together in guilds. However, I did spot two scenes with Nexeus and a short blurb from Tony Walsh, of Clickable Culture. They represent the Second Life aspect of the film, which was sadly neglected in the trailer. If you enjoyed the preview, you can check out the hi-res versions on their site.

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