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Guildwatch: Down for the count

Mike Schramm

Tons of guild activity going on-- I don't know what it is, but you guilds are downing tons of bosses out there lately. I've never seen the tipbox filled so full, and this column takes longer and longer to put together every week. I think it's great-- Blizzard made this bosses to be killed, right? Even bubble butt here.

This week's GW, complete with not only downed news, but also drama and recruiting notices, starts right after you click the link below.


  • Ninja and/or auction house shenanigans on Steamwheedle Cartel. Especially enjoyable when the guy in question, Tiller, shows up to chat.
  • This one's pretty wild-- our tipster says that Progeny is an Alliance guild on Drenden who have pretty much cleaned up. They've finished off BT and Hyjal, and now they're planning to completely dominate the server by rerolling Horde (as Brood) and clearing BT and Hyjal again before any Horde guilds do (Insurrection, I believe, is their main competition Hordeside). Which would be OK, apparently, if Progeny's GL, Justin, wasn't such a jerk about it. Despite the efforts of an MVP to quell the situation, Justin isn't having any of it.
  • Ascension on Norgannon-A got their bank ninja'ed-- apparently a level 1 toon named Duracells was spotted AH'ing off their epic plans and items.
  • Resurgence on KelThuzad-H met with a pretty bad fate: their GL split, passed off leadership, and the new leader /gdisbanded the guild, to the outcry of its members. The good news: most of the officers have reformed in Omni, and they are already 5/6 and 3/4.
  • /gkicked, and unhappy about it from Hallowed Arcane on Farstriders.
  • Finally, we got lots of tips about this one (thanks, everybody!): Vindication on Bladefist saw about 15 of their top raiders decide to leave for another server, and it led to this amazing thread of drama-- it doesn't take more than a page before girlfriends start getting attacked. Oh, and there's more (isn't there always?): Gimped, leader of Vindication, was apparently seriously angry that Unrest, another guild on Bladefist, had beaten them to a kill, and that's why he decided to ninja their guild bank, and haul off with a few of his closest friends to Stormrage. And the best part of all? When they started recruiting on Stormrage, they didn't exactly get a warm reception. And as for Vindication, Bladefist's Alliance side has decided to team up like never before-- Unrest is actually helping their former rivals, since they've proven they can progress without Gimped and his crowd.
  • The Dark Legacy on Tanaris-H dropped both Hydross and the Loot Reaver, and this week they finished off Solarian and Tidewalker.
  • Relentless Resolve on Alterac Mountains-H has been rolling lately-- they've gone all the way up to Tidewalker, and have Fathom Lord, Al'ar and Hydross in their sights.
  • Afterlife on EU Kilrogg headed to SSC for the first time and finished off Hydross on their second pull and Lurker on their fifth.
  • New Enemy Conquest (they didn't say a server) dropped Vashj. Grats! Kael is on notice.
  • A New Dawn on Kargath-A rocked Gruul and Lurker two weeks in a row. They're also looking for a Prot pally to join the ranks.
  • Tabula Rasa on EU Emerald Dream is a "purely casual" guild who has made it all the way up to Shade in Karazhan.
  • Broken Fang on EU Frostwhisper downed both HKM and Gruul on a visit to the lair, despite the fact that they had to call in favors just to get enough tanks and healers to go.
  • Shadow Exiles is another casual guild (on EU Earthen Ring) who's rolling right through Karazhan-- they downed Curator.
  • Sol Invictus on Thrall made ZA their own-- they finished off Dragonhawk, Malacress, and Zul'jin, with Vashj a few days before. Rock on.
  • Amicita Cavus on Norgannon-A finished off Hydross, and Leo is on notice. Also, they're seeking a well geared prot warrior/bear druid, and a few good mages for DPS as wel.
  • Vizard's group A on Earthen Ring-H downed Netherspite-- with spite. Prince is on notice.
  • Defiant on Greymane reports that they've got Kara wrapped around their little finger, and Nalorakk is theirs also. But Akil'zon, you're in trouble, buddy.
  • Natures Elite of Earthen Ring downed Vashj, and is headed for Kael'thas-- better get those affairs in order Kael.
  • Cake or Death on EU Bloodhoof has cleared Kara and Gruul, and is headed next for Loot Reaver.
  • On the Bounty on Hyjal-A is making short work of SSC-- they've rocked Hydross, Lurker, Tidewalker and Karathress so far, and Leo is on notice.
  • Balance on Bronzebeard-A has dropped Loot Reaver, Hydross, Jan'alai, and Malacrass all in the past two weeks. Rock on!
  • The Ancient Ones on Blackwater Raiders downed Shade, one-shotted Illhoof, and downed Prince on Monday night. The T4 hunter token dropped, but our hunter tipster wasn't as thrilled about it as he should be-- his power died right before that.
  • Reprisal on Draenor-A took down both Hydross and Lurker for the first time. Grats!
  • Evolution on Fenris-A downed Karathress, Solarian and Doomwalker, all firsts! Vashj is on notice.
  • Dread Legion on Garona is clearing two groups of Karazhan, and they have also toppled HKM and Gruul. Very nice.
  • Haven on Arathor-A had a little trouble starting out, but they're going full steam now-- they've dropped Netherspite in Karazhan.
  • Crusaders of Aegwynn on Eitrigg finished off Illidan for a guild and server first. Killvideo is here. Very nice job.
  • Surf and Turf, an alliance on Kirin Tor-A finished off Prince on their third try in Karazhan. Next up: Netherspite down FTW.
  • Insurrection on Eitrigg has conquered Gruul's three times in a row, and Magtheridon is on notice.
  • FortyTwo of Whisperwind put the smack down on Al'ar, and Leo is next, they say.
  • Rolling with my Gnomies on Suramar laid the smack down on Gruul. Mag is next on their list, too.
  • Resolve on Sentinels downed Lurker, and Hydross is in their sights.
  • Contingent on EU Shattered Halls has a long list of downs to report, but we'll leave it at Al'ar and Solarian, Mag, Kazzak, and Zul'jin. And their pally Winchester laughs in the face of "situational" pally tanking-- he does it all himself apparently.
  • Serenity Knights on Bronzebeard-A have also been progressing like mad. They're up to Akil'zon, Kazzak, and Solarian. Grats!
  • Outcasts on EU Magtheridon went into Gruul's for the first time ever, and a few hours and a few wipes later it was cleared. Nice job.
  • Addicted on Laughing Skull-H, fresh from their Lurker kill last week, took Al'ar down and cooked him in his own firey juices.
  • Pango Honoratus of Twisting Nether finished off Magtheridon in his lair.
  • Chaos and Mayhem on Silvermoon finished off both Hydross and Loot Reaver, and we got a last minute notice that the Eagle boss also ate it.
  • The Noble Europeans on EU Agamaggan have downed Anetheron.
  • Rotten Apple on Kilrogg-H took down Kael'thas. Off to BT with you!
  • Unrest on Bladefist finished off Lady Vashj this week for a server first. Additionally, they want "another guild on our server" to know that they only spent five nights on her. The makings of a little downing rivalry drama? Hopefully!
  • Lucidity on Thorium Brotherhood-A finished off Solarian and put Al'ar on notice.
  • Arisen on Echo Isles-H has had some tough times lately trying to raid, but they just were able to finish off Magtheridon anyway, and with only 22 in the raid. Grats!
  • Karma on Sisters of Elune-A rolled all the way up to Curator in Karazhan. Shade is on notice.
  • Motion on Exodar just formed recently, but both Kara and Gruul are cleared. They claim that they want to put all other raid bosses on notice, but Illidan pretty much said something about them not being prepared. Hey I'm just the messenger here.
  • The Pod People on Whisperwind brought down HKM, but banged their head up against Gruul a few times before calling it quits. They'll get him next time.
  • Demise on Dath'remar-A have downed up to the Illidari Council, for a server second and an Alliance first. Grats! They're also looking for a good warlock.
  • Modus Operandi on Sentinels-A took down both Vashj and Kazzak for guild firsts.
  • Restless Natives on EU Hellfire are a casual family guild, but they are extremely proud (and we of them) that they cleared all the way up to Curator so far in Karazhan. Shade is next-- don't blow up the raid.
  • Wreckage on Skywall had another two-boss weekend, with back to back Al'ar and Solarian.
  • Requiem on Silvermoon-H downed Kael'thas, becoming the third Horde guild on the server with access to Hyjal.
  • Mystic on Turalyon wants to shout down from Medivh's tower that they have downed both Prince and Illhoof in the same night. Grats!
  • The great Gothic Bunnies on Thunderhorn-H have been progressing right along. They finished off Solarian and also took down Akil'zon in ZA. Go Bunnies!
  • FIST on Echo Isles-A had two nice downs this week: Onyxia (good for them for taking that dragon out), and Attumen/Midnight. Moroes is on notice.
  • Dreadsong on Shadowmoon-A is looking for friendly, intelligent people to join them for 25-man content.
  • The Council of Thirteen on Thrall-H is looking for some healers, tanks, and a DPS shaman to help them out with 25-man content. They've had a memorable kill of Nightbane already, and after a few Gruul downs, they're hungry for more.
  • Dalla Spada on Farstriders-A is currently seeking solid dependable healers for 10 and 25 man content. They've progressed through Karazhan and the first boss of ZA, and are a relaxed and fun loving bunch with minimal drama.
  • From the Ashes on Suramar is working their way through SSC and TK, and are recruiting shadow priests, resto and feral druids, pally tanks and possibly a warlock. Be ready for a harsh interview process-- they don't take any chances when recruiting great guildies.
  • Horde Enforcement on Norgannon is recruiting members of all classes and skill levels. They are a casual guild that is headed towards raiding, and is always looking for players to level and run instances with.
  • Knights Who Say Ni on Uldum is tanks of feral, pally, and protection warrior persuasions as well as some caster DPS as they work their way through the 25-man instances.
  • BiPolar is looking for healers and moonkin on Mannoroth-H.
  • Immortalis on Gorgannash was doing SSC and TK when burnout drove them apart. Now they're back and looking for good, disciplined raiders to come with them through the 25-man endgame content.
  • Durability Zero (winner of this week's Best Guild Name award) on Silvermoon-A is looking for some raiders to add to the roster, specifically a tank, a healer, some warlocks and mages, and a shadow priest.
  • Nevermore on Kel'thuzad-A is recruiting for 25-man content-- they are a drama-free guild with members who treat each other as good friends. Can't ask for much more than that, right?
  • Knights of Northrend on Uther-A finished off Prince this week, and they're looking for some good folks to head to the 25-mans with them.
  • Reincarnation on Barthilas-A downed Illidan over the weekend, and, always prepared, are now looking for more raiders for Sunwell. They're seeking resto and feral druids, a rogue, a holy priest, and a mage.
There's your GW for this week. As always, send us your tips about downed or recruiting news, and especially juicy drama, to Until next week, happy raiding!

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