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New GRAW 2 DLC offers new maps, missions, weapons

For those of you still grooving on GRAW 2, grab a buddy and download today's 800 point ($10) "Co-op Collection," a DLC package for Xbox 360 featuring nine new maps (seven inspired from preview Ghost Recon games, two all new) and five co-op campaign missions that pick up where GRAW 2 left off.

If you're too cheap to even consider getting in on the action (feel free to leave your usual diatribe about why additional maps and modes should be on the retail disc in the comments), then Ubisoft has something just for you: a totally freetastic "more guns pack" that locks and loads seven new gats into the single player quick mission mode. Be honest, are you going to drop the points or hold out for a potential future pricedrop that may or may not ever happen? ... Yeah, us too.

[Via X3F]

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