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New GRAW 2 maps, weapons and co-op content [update]

Dustin Burg

Update: The Co-op Collection is now on the XBLM (shame on us for doubting Ubi), but the More Guns Pack is still MIA.

Ubisoft's UK forum manager posted an official press release on the Ubisoft forums telling of new GRAW 2 downloadable content that's scheduled to make its way to the XBLM today. We say scheduled, because it has yet to make it there and to be frank, daylight is running out.

The new 800 Microsoft point Co-op Collection DLC will feature five new co-op missions, a total of nine new multiplayer maps (seven of them being remakes) and nine new achievements totaling 125 Gamerscore. Ubisoft is also giving away a free More Guns Pack download that'll add seven new weapons to GRAW 2's single player campaign. Again, both the Co-op Collection and More Guns Pack DLC should be available sometime today, but we have a hunch that the content will make an appearance sometime later this week. Our fingers are crossed though.

[Thanks, xenocidic]

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