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Rumor: Europe to get books on its DSes?


Regular readers of our sister site, Wii Fanboy, will probably already know how an investor report revealed that Kirby and Animal Crossing games for the Wii were still on for a 2008 release in Japan.

Fortunately, Siliconera's hawk-eyed Spencer Yip spotted something for DS owners, tucked away near the bottom of the list: DS Novel. It's only listed for Europe currently, but could this be an English language localization of DS Bungaku Zenshuu, the non-game that crammed 100 Japanese literary classics onto a single DS cart? Spencer certainly thinks so, and we're struggling to imagine what else it could be.

If this guess turns out to be correct, would you embrace this as a revolution in reading, or stick to traditional, more dog-eared methods? More to the point, which books would you want to read on your DS?

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