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Tabula Rasa crafting made easier with disassembly chart

Chris Chester

One of the most bewildering aspects of Tabula Rasa (and believe me, there are many) is the almost inexplicably difficult crafting system, which not only turns out weapon modifications that are close to useless in combat, but also requires a style of component micro-management that borders on the insane. Part of the problem is that the only way to get most components is by breaking down other weapons, with no clear guide as to what parts you can expect to get out of the deal. So for most people, you end up with a footlocker full of strange-sounding parts, and somehow still end up without the parts you need to fill those recipes.

Alpha Wolf Wonderlus over at Tabula Rasa Vault has done us all an enormous favor by posting a disassembled item chart that shows what sort of components you're liable to get from a weapon with a given modification. It's still only a matter of probability whether you'll get a certain item, but it's good to know where to start looking if you've got a specific modification in mind.

This will come in handy if I ever make it to level 50 and make a crafting clone, which is just about the only time that crafting in Tabula Rasa is viable. Since crafting talent points are drawn from the same pool as combat abilities, most people don't bother trying crafting until after level 30, when it becomes possible to make a clone with all the crafting talents maxed out. Still, it's neat!

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