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A history: Video games to board games


If you think video games based on movie licenses are bad, did you ever check out board games based on video game licenses? Professional blogger Yehuda has compiled a great little trip through the land of video game to board game conversion.

He begins with the early games like Berzerk, Pac-Man and Donkey Kong (pictured). Quick recap of a few of those game's gameplay mechanics: In Berzerk you would flick the back of your guy and his arms would swing up knocking over the bad guy in the next tile; Pac-Man you pressed as hard as you could over marbles to make them pop into the protagonist, and in Donkey Kong there was actually a rubber band inside the arm to drop barrels -- if you got through a full game without a malfunction you were very lucky.

Yehuda takes us all the way from the strong beginnings in the '80s to the modern seventh generation in gaming. Definitely a gasp-inducing bit of nostalgia for any kid whose parents thought buying the board game was a reasonable equivalent to the video game.

[Via Raph Koster's Website]

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