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Apple hints at forthcoming Aperture update

Nik Fletcher

There's been much debate on the interwebs on what lies in store for users of Aperture (Apple's professional-level photo management software). I'm not suggesting that we mourn Aperture's passing, but it has been a little neglected of late, and as someone who uses Aperture almost daily that makes me intrigued by Apple's plans for the application.

Apple has been hounded for a little while about some cameras not having RAW support in OS X: colleague Chris Ullrich's Nikon D300 is still unsupported, for example. So you can imagine the widespread surprise when Joe Schorr, Apple's Senior Product Manager for Photo Applications posted a thread on the Aperture Discussion Groups:

"We're constantly working to make Aperture an even better tool for users, and will soon release an upgrade that includes RAW format support for new cameras and other exciting new features. Please stay tuned."

This is where the plot thickens, dear readers, as the updates for Aperture's camera support actually hinge on updates to OS X. So if a new camera comes out, Apple puts out an OS X RAW Support Update for these new formats, and Aperture just works -- as do any other applications that utilize the OS X image frameworks. Now add into that the use of the word 'upgrade', not update, but upgrade. While perhaps hinting at a paid upgrade, it's good to know that the frustration of photographers everywhere isn't falling on deaf ears.

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