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Ask Engadget HD: What's the best consumer HD camcorder?

Darren Murph

Although the new year has just begun, we're sure you can already count the number of social events, birthday parties and vacations you'll be attending in 2008. So if you know you're going, why not capture a few rolls of memories while you're at it, right? This week's Ask Engadget HD inquiry comes from Heyward, who is desperately seeking help in selecting an HD camcorder to tag along with him to the aforementioned getaways.

"I'm looking for a full HD camcorder. I don't mind shelling out a little dough, but I will draw the line at $1,500. It has to be hybrid media, though I don't want anything involving optical media (so flash-based is okay). I'd prefer control over frame rate and compression method, but I understand that those features might be too much to ask for on a sub-prosumer cam. I'm looking for a larger-than-average, easy to read screen, and a decent battery life. Help, please!"

You can almost hear the frustration in his voice, now can't you? C'mon -- we know at least some of you HD aficionados out there have bit the bullet and picked up an HD camcorder by now, so take a moment of your lunch break and tell poor Heyward what's what.

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