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Coobico disses hard on Second Life


Coobico is a Flash-based MMO with social networking features that's purported to be set for release sometime early this year. Following a link embedded in this Gamasutra interview with Lutz Winter, Coobico's founder, I found the 'Videos and Animations' section of Coobico's website. At the top of the page was a small post whose sole purpose appeared to be to stomp all over Second Life. It talks about SL's technical problems without going into specifics, links to a bunch of articles detailing SL's woes, and ends by mentioning that the company that made SL's physics engine, Havok (which it misspells), will be acquired by Intel, but to no point other than to mention it.

For a product that isn't even available in beta yet, this is some serious dirt slinging. I'm not defending SL here, but why bother shooting off your mouth about a company that you claim to have no competition with? There's really no better way to look defensive and insecure, so if that was the intent behind this weird article, then Mission Accomplished.

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