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DDO receives +6 Patch of Awesome: Module 6 is live

Samuel Axon

Dungeons & Dragons Online's Module 6 has quietly gone live! The impressively large update comes with about ten pages worth of patch notes.

There are UI improvements, new quests, a ton of new mid-level spells, the ability to bind valuables to your person for a price (thank God), item-making altars, new character creation options and feats for various classes ( including a lot of love for Rangers especially), about a million balance changes and general gameplay enhancements, new encounters, and more.

Our own Mike Schramm got his hands some of the new content in Module 6 a few days back and was impressed. In spite of what Penny Arcade's Tycho said about World of Warcraft being the 800 (or 10 million) pound gorilla, the DDO team has produced a quality update that should please the game's player-base.

[Thanks, Schad!]

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