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Ecobutton aims to reduce PC power consumption, not as much as power button


While it won't reduce your carbon footprint as much as something like, say, the HumanCar, the folks behind the Ecobutton seem to think their new device will do its small part nonetheless, even if it's actual necessity may be somewhat in question. Apparently, the device will let you switch your PC to "ecomode" at the press of a button, although exactly what that is and how it differs from your usual sleep or hibernation mode is a bit of a mystery. The button seemingly does something to your PC, however, as the FAQ warns that some older computers and certain HP PCs may have trouble reactivating due to BIOS issues. No word as to when they'll be available directly to consumer just yet, but those looking to turn 'em into a business opportunity can order some now from "recognized promotional gift distributors" for between $12 and $18 apiece depending on the quantity.

[Via OhGizmo]

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