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Nintendo denies German mag's Mario Kart Wii rumors

Kyle Orland

After yesterday's boatload of leaked Super Smash Bros. Brawl information, another leak about another major Nintendo series would seem to good to be true. And it probably was, because while GoNintendo is reporting the coming issue of Germany's NMag has some new information about Mario Kart Wii, Eurogamer is reporting that Nintendo has dismissed the widely-publicized report as "just pure rumour and speculation on their part."

Which doesn't mean it won't end up being true. NMag's reported predictions range from the incredibly obvious (the controls will be similar to Excite Truck) to the only slightly obvious (powerslides and snaking will return) to the non-obvious but still unsurprising (online battle mode, Baby Peach and Baby Boo as characters).

Come on NMag ... if you're going to speculate, you might as well throw some really crazy stuff out there. Here, we'll get you started: Sonic will be a playable character, but he won't have a kart, he'll just run! Wart from Super Mario Bros. 2 will be featured in a boss race! On-track coins can be used to purchase Wii Shop points! Commenters, take it away.

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