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NTFSready cleans up your filename act


One of my intermittent day-job responsibilities is to move big chunks of data (20 GB or more in a session) from the friendly, forgiving, name-your-files-whatever-you-want confines of a Mac OS X server onto cranky, finicky, no-funky-characters (but portable) NAS devices so that the data can travel with a production team to some far-away city. This is generally a straightforward and simple task, except for one annoying fact: illegal characters, as SMB or NTFS define them, in file or folder names can bring those massive copies to a screeching halt. Major buzzkill!
There are a few ways to clean up filenames to make them legal for transfer; I've used both FileBuddy and A Better Finder Rename with success, and ABFR even has an "NTFS legal" preset for quick action. For a single-purpose tool, though, there's now NTFSready, This 10-euro donationware tool will hunt through your files and folders for illegal characters, nuke them, and that's about all there is. Is it worth it? Well, if you need to rename files for NTFS use on an everyday basis, maybe. At 10 euro, though, I'd say you're better off paying the $19.95 for ABFR and getting the flexibility that comes with it.

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