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Cooking Mama franchise sells 1.6 million units in US


From its humble beginnings as a simple title on the Nintendo DS, the Cooking Mama franchise has gone on to sell 1.6 million units in the United States. The press release touting the accomplishment is quite awkward in how it plays with the numbers. For example, it says the original Cooking Mama on DS sold 1 million units, which means the two sequels make up the other 600,000, and that's fine --- but it's no coq au vin with white asparagus and a glass of 2004 Ravenswood Cooke Zinfandel.

Majesco CEO Jesse Sutton says the success of the franchise is like catching lightning in a bottle. Although the Cooking Mama games obviously cost very little to make, it might be time to generate more lightning. Since the first game did well and subsequent games didn't enjoy the same return, it means Majesco can't feed on Mama's cooking alone.

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