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Rumor: Warhammer Online collector's edition details leaked?

Michael Zenke

Via TenTonHammer comes the word that the onlne store may have leaked details of Warhammer Online's collector's edition. If we can believe the web page, the box contains most of the usual fixins for a special MMO kit: a mousepad, a manual, an art book. But this one sounds like it contains a lot more. There's going to be a graphic novel included, possibly repackaging the first few issues of the 'Forge of War' Warhammer comic book. There's also going to be an exclusive figure for use in the Warhammer tabletop game.

The in-game assets, though, sound most intriguing. The collector's edition also purports to offer 12 exclusive quests and 12 exclusive character heads, as well a special player title. Each army gets two quests and (presumably) two heads. Each quest, further, offers a unique reward - perhaps not obtainable via any other means?

If this page is accurate, this might be some of the most unique content available to players (for a price) at launch yet. The pre-order swords given out by the developers of Pirates of the Burning Sea raised a few eyebrows, certainly. This content seems more akin to the 'Adventure Packs' sold by Sony Online in the months after EverQuest II originally launched.

What do you think of the offering? Are exclusive quests juicy enough to get you to spend big bucks on a nice box?

[Via TTH]

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