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Hands-on with Canon's new PowerShot lineup

Steven Kim

Lugging around a DSLR just isn't for everyone, and Canon's got the heart of the market covered with their Powershot digicams. The ELPH series has always focused on compact and stylish design, and the new 8-megapixel SD1100 IS is no exception. Small enough that you won't set off anyone's "photographer nearby" alarm, and you can even pick a color that blends with your wardrobe for more stealth; available in brown, pink, blue and champagne. Even quick snaps might turn out with the help of the image stabilization. A little less fashion minded (and less expensive) but no less capable are the A-series cams, the A590 IS, A580 and A470. We've spilled the details on these before, so check out the gallery if you're looking for your next P&S.

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