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New York's Plaza Hotel getting 60 HD channels, not a dime cheaper

Darren Murph

If you were sold on the fantastic HD system seen in the soon-to-open Water Club hotel in Atlantic City, NJ, you'll likely be booking your next stop to New York City at Plaza Hotel. Sure enough, Guest-Tek has been contracted to install the very same free-to-guest OneView Media Platform in the aforementioned NYC hotspot, which will soon give guests access to some 60 high-definition channels delivered via IPTV. Additionally, each of the 282 rooms will have access to a "large library" of HD video-on-demand content, and patrons can even use the AMX touch panel to "control their entertainment system, room lighting and temperature, and to order theater tickets, room service or restaurant reservations." Needless to say, we can't really see a reason to ever leave this situation until your checkout day arrives, but then again, we wouldn't want to be footing the bill for the stay, either.

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