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Old Spice Experience Challenge returns ... sort of

Justin McElroy

We're sure you all have fond memories of the Old Spice Experience Challenge, which tasked gamers with earning enough gamerscore points to qualify for Fusion Frenzy 2, which was comparable to sprinting to the top of a steep hill to pick up your complimentary knife wound. Now, the challenge has returned, and while you're still getting prizes for points, it's with a very different structure.

This time, you're not just competing with yourself, you're competing with your friends, and the more of them you can get in on a competition, the better prizes will be up for grabs. You'll fight against all of them for a set period of time and the top earner gets the goods, which range from a $20 Best Buy gift card to an Xbox 360 HD DVD Player. Like last time though, prizes are limited, so you'll probably want to get your friends together soon if you want a showdown for the best swag.

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