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OXM reveals Rock Band's March DLC lineup

Dustin Burg

The ScoreHero forums are abuzz this morning with the revealing of March's Rock Band downloadable content in March's issue of OXM. The list of DLC looks to be quite official, outlining all four weeks of DLC and mentioning whether or not they'll be packed together. And you'll be happy to know that March will not let us down. Rock Band will be getting a Nine Inch Nails track pack featuring the master of "The Perfect Drug" (we just had to embed the music video above), some "Shooting Star" by Bad Company, "Message in a Bottle" by Police, "Simple Man" by Lynyrd Skynyrd and "Fuel" by Metallica. March will be sounding great! Take a looksy at the complete list of Rock Band's March DLC after the break and gush over the musical goodness. Now, all we need is February's list of DLC and we'd be prepared to rock out for the next few months.


Week of March 4th
Thrash Three Pack
"Blinded by Fear" by At The Gates
"Thrasher" by Evile
"Shadow World" by Haunted

Week of March 11th
"Shooting Star" as made famous by Bad Company*
"Simple Man" by Lynyrd Skynyrd
"Message in A Bottle" by Police

Week of March 18th
NIN Three Pack
"March of the Pigs" by Nine Inch Nails
"The Collector" by Nine Inch Nails
"The Perfect Drug" by Nine Inch Nails

Week of March 25th
Metal Three Pack
"Wrathchild" as made famous by Iron Maiden*
"Supernaut" as made famous by Black Sabbath*
"Fuel" by Metallica

asterisk denotes cover song

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