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Return to the Amazon coming to PBS in April

Darren Murph

It's no secret that the Amazon looks mighty different today compared to 25 years back, when Jean-Michel Cousteau and his pops first explored the region. Nevertheless, Jean-Michel is heading back in, and this time, he's bringing a crew, a few more family members and a couple of HD cameras for good measure. Slated to debut in two parts -- the first on April 2nd at 8:00PM, the second on April 9th at 9:00PM -- Return to the Amazon will premiere on PBS in glorious high-definition and will include narration by the acclaimed actor, Delroy Lindo. We don't know about you, but considering that we'd never get up the courage (or lose our sobriety long enough) to swim with an anaconda, we reckon it's worth tuning in just to see someone else do just that.

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