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2.4 gives tanks some love

Matthew Rossi

Whether you're a bear or you clank around in plate, the two rage-based tanking classes have some changes incoming in patch 2.4, according to Bornaak. First up, you druid tanks, Lacerate is seeing a damage increase to scale with attack power, which should help you whether you're a tank or not, but since lacerate is a key threat move for bear tanks it seems like good news on that front.

Secondly, for warriors, two new changes in 2.4: Endless Rage is finally going to be adjusted to work as the tooltip indicates (so less of a buff than a bug fix, but still welcome) and more importantly, a long time problem, offhand critical hits from attacks like Whirlwind will now proc Flurry and Rampage, a nice improvement for Fury warriors everywhere.

Seems like both bear druids and warriors will be seeing improvements to both tanking and DPS options with these changes or fixes.

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