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All-girl PS2 fighter Arcana Heart coming to North America

Jason Dobson

When it comes to the PlayStation 2, publisher Atlus USA is certainly not afraid to point out where its loyalties lie. The company indicated as much when we spoke to them last month, as Atlus PR front man Aram Jabbari called Sony's venerable console "a viable platform," adding that "there is no reason to abandon a veteran system just because it isn't the newest thing around."

What this translates to is that players can expect to continue to see Atlus' unique brand of niche Japanese titles coming stateside for some time. The latest to be confirmed of which is Examu's all-female fighting game Arcana Heart, which promises PS2 owners all the girl-on-girl 2D action they can handle when the game drops in North America on April 8. With 11 different customizable gals and a budget price of $29.99, Arcana Heart certainly has all the markings of a game worth picking up, though given Atlus' history, we expect that it will become near impossible to find at retail just hours after it's released.

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