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Blizzard says 2.4 not quite ready yet...

Zach Yonzon

It's been close to three months since the exciting, change-filled Patch 2.3 hit the live servers and a lot of people seem to be waiting in anticipation for the upcoming Patch 2.4. So much speculation has gone into what other changes will be accompanying the previously announced Sunwell 25-man raid and 5-man dungeon. In fact, some have gone so far as to post a wishlist fake patch notes and details have leaked of some phat-looking epics.

Bornakk from the forums comes to douse the flames of excitement, though, by announcing that Patch 2.4 just isn't quite ready yet. He states the obvious that Blizzard has "made no announcement regarding (Arena) Season 4," as well as the not-so-obvious that there's more to Patch 2.4 than just Sunwell. Bornakk -- who's been doing the rounds of the forums lately -- also reiterates Blizzard's tried-and-true motto of releasing "when it's ready." Leave it to Blizzard to whet appetites by announcing that there's nothing to announce. Does this mean another month before we see Patch 2.4 on the PTRs? That could mean an extra month of testing before it goes live. The wait continues...

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