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Eternity's Child now bound for WiiWare

Ross Miller

Cartoonist Luc Bernard tells that his platformer Eternity's Child is now a WiiWare title coming Q2 2008 for $5. The quirky (we mean that positively) title has an equally quirky history, starting out as an Xbox Live Arcade title before switching to the Wii because of the 150 MB size restriction. Curiously, an IGN podcast reportedly pinned a 40 MB size limit for the service, a figure which Nintendo has disputed

We can surmise that Eternity's Child's art assets will be significantly lower now that the Wii's output peaks at 480p resolution -- but would that account for a 73% or more decrease in file size if said limit does exist? Still, $5 is a great deal for what looks like a very stylish title. We'll keep you updated on The Mystery of the Missing Megabytes.

Gallery: Eternity's Child

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