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Merscom to bring sudoku puzzles to XBLA

Jason Dobson

Sudoku is one of those cultural phenomena we just don't pretend to get. The seemingly innocuous brain teasers seemed to crop up overnight, reducing commuters the world over into savoring number crunchers. The casual puzzles have found a welcome home in books, newspapers, and even in video games, and publisher Merscom has now announced plans to bring the logic challenges to XBLA as well with Buku Sudoku.

The game, a conversion of Merscom's PC title of the same name, will boast such enhancements as "a very fast entry method" using the Xbox 360's thumb sticks, as well as support for multiplayer over Xbox Live. Buku Sudoku will also sport HD resolution, which to be honest seems wasted on a game about filling out numbers on a grid. That said, if Xbox Live Arcade can manage to make hardcore gamers fall in love with UNO, don't be surprised if your Halo buddies have to cut out early in order to throw down with some serious number counting when Buku Sudoku is eventually released.

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