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Nintendo confirms cobalt/black DS Lite

Justin McElroy

When you look back over the various colors that the DS has been released in, with the exception of black, the schemes haven't exactly been the best for tough guys like ourselves. In fact, it sometimes seems like they're attempting to do the exact opposite. ("How can we trump pink with paw prints? How about sparklicious gold?") Finally, our prayers for a macho DS have (officially now) been answered by Nintendo, which unveiled the Cobalt/Black DS this morning.

We're willing to go on record as saying that this is the the toughest, manliest DS ever crafted. We'd bet it's made of recycled John Wayne VHS tapes and reeks of AXE body spray. If you're ready to look like a total stud while you play Pokemon, you'll only have to wait until Feb. 10.

Instead of staring at that pixelated mess we've had lying around, hit up our gallery to check out the nice higher-res shots (a whopping two!) Nintendo released this morning.

Gallery: Cobalt/Black Nintendo DS | 2 Photos

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